The Cultured Canine 2017

We think dogs are amazing and we're not the only ones. The Cultured Canine tent is where we explore and chat about how dogs influence and inspire art and culture. We have a fascinating programme this year covering illustration to instagramming.

1:15 ADRIENNE GEOGHEGAN - Drawing Doggies workshop

Adrienne Geoghegan800.jpg

Adrienne Geoghegan studied illustration at Kingston University, London. She has illustrated for The Guardian, The Economist, The Irish Times and Business & Finance. Adrienne’s picture books have been translated into many languages. She has lectured at DIT, The Irish Writer’s Centre, NCAD, Independent Colleges, BCHE and the National Gallery of Ireland. She is a dog lover and shares her family home with Tammy, a rescue dog who the family adopted when her son Oscar was 5 and Tammy was 5 months old. Tammy is now 8 and a half and Oscar is 13.

Adrienne will read from her book 'Dogs Don't Wear Glasses' and then show us how to draw draw a dog. What fun!


2:15 FURRY FAMOUS - paths to world domination for pups


We'll chat with Mary Owens of and Buttercup about their work. Mary trains and casts animals for everything from big studio, Hollywood movies to Irish TV ads. Buttercup, originally from Texas, has 77+K followers on Facebook. These two are sure to have lots to say about what it takes to be a star of all sorts of screens!


2:45 DAVID BLAKE KNOX - The Curious History of Irish Dog


David is a TV producer and writer, who has worked with RTÉ, BBC & HBO. This year Little Island published his fascinating book on the nine native Irish Breeds. Conor (one of our organisers) has posted a little review here and will chat to David about his research and the fascinating stories he came across in writing the book. We're hoping that we'll have some representation from the native breeds to meet him, so do come along. 


3:30 AUDREY DALTON - Capturing the magic: 3 tails from a pet photographer


Audrey is an award winning pet photographer and produces the most wonderful pet portraits in her studio and the great outdoors! She'll tell us all about capturing the magic, that look, that special bond, and those amazing personalities, so you can share them with friends and family. Her '3 special tales from a pet photographer' are sure to be both useful and entertaining!




Our little stall will have some of our brand, spanking new merch (Ts & Totes), along with Jane Fogarty's wonderful work - pawpawpawpawprints, copies of 'The Curious History of Irish Dogs' and some of Adrienne's cute cards. Jane will be taking care of the stall, drop by and say hi!